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Film Glossary/O

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OCN. Original Camera Negative.

ODB. Offline Editing Database. What Lightworks converts the telecine log file into. The ODB file becomes part of the film database that the cutlist program will access to make the film cutlist for the negative cutter. Equivalent to an Avid ALE file.

offline editing. Making all the creative editing decisions and locking the show.

OMF. Open Media Framework. An expanded EDL that includes audio, video, and effects, and title re-creation information and also allows for the import and export of audio media. The OMF is made by the offline editor from the locked cut for sound editors and online editors. Propelled by Avid with proprietary aspects, OMF has been incorporated by many manufacturers. See also AAF and EDL.

one-lite daily. The daily work print that the lab processes using the same printer light setting to time (develop the color for) all reels.

one-liner. Script supervisor’s sheet that contains a one-line summary of each take of dailies.

online editing. Reproducing the locked cut from an EDL using the best quality tapes.

optical printer. Optical house machine that combines a projector and a camera to shoot an IP on negative raw stock and create the optical. It’s being overtaken by CGI and other digital effects machines.

optical. An effect made at an optical house on an optical printer from new film negative.

out point. Ending edit point.

output. Put out material –a show, sequence, or shot — from a digital system to a tape. Outputting is also called printing or playing out (to tape).

over the shoulder. O/S or OTS. A shot from the waist or chest up that includes the shoulder of one character while focusing on the other character.

overhead. OH. Often filmed from a crane, an overhead shot looks down on the scene from above.

overlap. A cut where picture and sound cut in at different times so that one overlaps (extends beyond) the other.

overwrite edit. In digital editing, a term for putting a clip into a sequence edit so edits to the right of it are replaced for the duration of the clip.