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Film Glossary/H

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handle. Extra frames at the head or tail of shot that allow for fades, dissolves and other effects. When consolidating on a digital editing system, handles can be created so edits can be slightly adjusted.

hard effects. SFX created to match specific screen actions such as car bys, glass breaks, door closes, etc.

HD. High Definition, a.k.a. Hi def. High resolution television standard which uses 16:9 aspect ratio and is superior to SD (Standard Definition) due to employing more scan lines and one or two million pixels per frame, roughly five times more than SD. See also SD.

HDMI. High-definition multimedia interface. Compact interface that transmits uncompressed digital A & V data. HDMI also connects digital A/V sources such as DVD and Blu-ray disk players, PCs, etc. to compatible digital audio devices, computer monitors, video projectors, and digital televisions.

HDSLR. High definition digital single-lens reflex. See DSLR.

head. Start of shot, cut, tape, timeline, or reel.

head leader. Piece of film or tape or a digital clip attached to the beginning of show for the purpose of maintaining sync between picture and sound. Head leader counts down from eight to two or 12 to 2) and is always followed by the FFOP.

head pop. A sync pop placed on the audio head leader aligned with the #2 picture frame to serve as a sync reference during screenings, sound editing, and sound mixing. Commonly called a 2-pop. See also sync pop.

Henry. Quantel’s digital video editor for painting, titling, animation, color correcting, and other high end special effects. “The Henry” has been a part of the post finishing scene for years; the latest machine is called the Henry Infinity and includes Paintbox.

hiss. Unwanted high frequency sounds attenuated through EQ’ing

horizontal blanking. Similar to the outer edges of a piece of film, horizontal blanking determines the width of the video image. It also carries information about the front porch, back porch, horizontal sync, and color burst. It is the period of time when the scanning beam repositions horizontally from one end of a line of picture information to the start of the next. See also blanking.

hot splicer. Heated splicer that’s used by the negative cutter to scrape, cut, and glue film negative frames together. Also called a cement splicer.

hot. Loud. The VU meter is in the red.

hue. Color of a video image or signal.

Hz. Hertz. Standard unit for measuring frequency of a wave. One Hz equals one cycle per second (cps).