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Film Glossary/E

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EBR. See Electron Beam Recorder

EBU. European Broadcasting Union. Paraphrasing its Web site: the EBU is an organization of broadcasters which provides a full range of operational, commercial, technical, legal and strategic services for its union members.
edge code. See ink code.

edge numbers. See key code.

edit point. Frame that you mark and decide to edit in.

edit. (noun) A portion of a shot put into a show.

editorial. See postproduction.

editor’s cut. See first cut.

EDL. Edit Decision List. The EDL contains the reel number and time code numbers for each edit in the final offline cut, the EDL is used to recreate the offline cut during online. It is used by the online editor to conform the show.

EDTV. Enhanced-definition television or extended-definition television. A Consumer Electronics Association term for certain DTV formats and devices, EDTV is superior to SDTV and inferior to HDTV. See also HD and SD.

EFX. A sound effect or a special visual effect, depending on the context.

Electron Beam Recorder (EBR). A popular tape-to-film transfer finishing machine in use since the 70s that scans digital images to film by breaking each video frame into three separate RGB images and exposing each image to three stripes of black and white negative. The three exposed negatives are then step-printed together to create a color negative. Also referred to as a CRT film recorder.

electronic slate. See smart slate.

element. See unit.

E-mode. Method in which online assembly events are numbered in non-sequential order by Source reel and then Source IN time code where all effects are performed last.

emulsion side. Dull side of picture or sound film that contains the actual image or magnetic sound.

EOR. End of reel.

EPS. Electronic Post Sync. Another term for ADR. See also ADR.

EQ. Equalize. Adjust the volume level of individual frequencies of a sound in order to change its tone e.g. EQ’ing dialogue so that ADR lines match the production track.

equalize See EQ.

equalizer. An adjustable audio filter, measured in decibels (dB), that lowers or boosts frequency and alters amplitude.

essence media. Bits and bytes that represent the digital video and audio. Also called essence data.

essence. As opposed to metadata, the video, audio, graphics, animation, and text in a digitally edited piece.
event. An edit in an EDL.

exhibition. Final phase of a project where it’s projected in a theatre, broadcast or downloaded to a television, or streamed or downloaded on a computer and viewed by its audience. Exhibition follows the distribution phase.
export. Send a file out of a digital editing system.

exposition sequence. Series of shots or scenes at the beginning of a film that set its time, place, situation, characters, tone, and/or theme.

extreme close-up. (ECU) A shot framed so tight that if it’s on a person’s face you just see the eyes.

eyeline. A character’s line of vision – the direction their eyes are looking.