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Enjoy these downloads and feel free to adapt them for your purposes. All forms and charts – plus many more – are contained and explained in Cut by Cut Editing Your Film or Video, 2nd Edition.



Syllabus for a course on How to Edit a Film or Video A completely laid out class with objectives, lessons, hands-on editing assignments, and resources. Designed for a semester or two quarter class.

Syllabus for a course on Film Editing Theory, Practice, and History Syllabus works for a semester or two-quarter class or a series of lectures and contains specific examples from current movies available on DVD.


Job hunting tips

Ten Steps Ten Steps to Breaking into Editing (or any other job in the film industry)


Project Checklist Specify the critical details (delivery format, etc.) of your project.

Post Production Schedule Fill this in with the dates and details of your project’s events and deadlines (shoot days, first cut, delivery date, etc.).

Tape and Tapeless Show Continuity Form Fill in this info for each screening to help re-editing.

Film Show Continuity Form Fill in this info for each screening to help re-editing.

ADR Cue Sheet Take this to the ADR session to track and log all takes.

Budgets for post production

Here are four forms that cover each phase of editing.

Note: Account #’s shown are sample numbers, not established accounting numbers.

Budget for Dailies

Budget for Editing

Budget for Sound, Music, and the Mix

Budget for Finishing

To learn more about how, why, and what to consider when preparing a post production budget, refer to Appendix C in Chapter 4 of Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film or Video, 2nd Edition


Film Footage Converter Convert film footage to time with a glance. Stick this on your cutting room wall and in your notebook to instantly convert time to 16 mm and 35mm film footage and vice versa . No math necessary. Just glance at the chart.

Editing on film

Do you need to edit the old fashioned way by cutting and splicing film?  These two chapters from my first book, Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film or Video, tell you what you need to do..

Prepping  film for editing

Editing on film