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Gear, Jobs, Software Tips, Training and More

A selection of useful resources: the list is endless and increases daily but these should get you started and sustain you. Every effort has been made to provide up-to-date links. If you encounter a problem please let me know.

Academies and Institutes

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – Helms student award, grants, and an internship program and provides member screenings, forums, and topical events through out the year. Publishes Emmy Magazine which has articles on all types of filmmakers in Hollywood as well as on ATAS business and is available free at the Web site.

American Film Institute(AFI) – A great place to get cutting room knowledge, a credit, and contacts no matter how much or little experience you have: Most Hollywood professionals have done at least one AFI project. AFI offers a graduate program in editing and holds screenings, classes, and events year round.

Author Articles

Inglourious Editors: A View into the Cutting Room.

Digital Editing

2-pop, the Digital Filmmaker’s Resource Site – Concentrates on DV editing and offers editors’ forums on a multitude of subjects including Avid, Final Cut Pro, and special effects where you can ask all your questions. A commercial site by Creative Planet Communities, a division of United Entertainment Media, which offers same for videographers, cinematographers, etc.

Adobe – Producer of many digital, web, print, etc. products.

Apress – Apress publishers sponsors this site which contains links to film books, tweets, and other web resources for professional designers, DV creators and innovators. Every Thursday a selected eBook is available for $10.

Apple’s Final Cut Pro Web site.

Avid Web site – Avid Handbooks, Sales Material, and Technical Staff.

Creative Cow – Good place to go for product and book reviews on software and editing systems as well as articles and getting your technical questions answered.

Digital Cinema Society – A nonprofit corp headed by a cinematographer with editors and members from all motion picture fields dedicated to “educating and informing the entertainment industry about digital motion picture production, post, delivery, and exhibition.”

The Digital Fact Book (Converged Media 20th anniversary edition) by Quantel – An annually updated reference booklet for broadcast TV and Post Production. Available as a free download.

Brenneis, Lisa. Final Cut Pro 7 Visual QuickPro Guide , Berkeley, CA: Peach Pit Press 2008. Brenneis keeps up with every major FCP software version by updating her original FCP 3 book. Her latest is FCP X.

Find the Best – Go here for a data-driven, human-curated free tool that compares current editing softwares from no cost to low cost to high end systems. – Find Avid tips and tutorials, and more on this fun sight by an experienced editor/producer working in the trenches.

Larry Jordan – Veteran editor Larry offers a free monthly newsletter and classes as well as multiple articles on FCP and digital issues such as audio, effects, HD and capture.

Lightworks website.

Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group – Long running international Final Cut Pro users group. Get all your FCP queries answered here.

Media 100 website.

Philip Hodgetts -Editor/programmer/consultant/author Phil is an FCP guru who writes regularly about HD, new media, and all sorts of topical, technical issues as well as podcasts on the Terrence and Phil and show.

Pinnacle Products.

Post Production Standards – Union picture and visual effects editors answer your questions about Avid, Unity, Adrenaline, etc. Site also contains links to other editing sites.

Production Hub – Jobs, gear, contest, products, services, and more.

Splicehere – Avid guru Steve Cohen provides a wealth of tips and info about Avid and savvy comments on Final Cut Pro as well.

Staten, Greg and Steve Bayes. The Avid Handbook: Advanced Techniques, Strategies, and Survival Information for Avid Editing Systems, 5th Edition. Boston, MA: Focal Press 2008.

ZeroCut – Click on Tech Tips for links to helpful info on film and video from a knowledgeable editor.

DVD authoring – Provides free tutorials, a glossary, FAQs, and a multi topic forum for getting your questions answered regarding DVD authoring and VCD conversion as well as several other technical topics as well as offering products.

DVDCreation– How to’s on various DVD topics and a place where you can get help.

Editors on Editing

Art of the Guillotine – Terrific site based in Toronto that offers a forum, info, and aims to
establish an online film community for film editors and is aligned with Joy of Film Editing. – Web site with popular books on editing.

LoBrutto, Vincent. Selected Takes: Film Editors on Editing, Praeger Paperback 2001.

Transitions: Voices on the Craft of Digital Editing, Division Press 2003. Astute advice authored by 15 current Hollywood editors about the art of editing. Starts with the first cut and cover a multitude of topics including the changing face of editing today, cutting animation, and cutting for television.

Oldham, Gabriella. First Cut, Conversations with Film Editors, Berkeley, CA: University of California Press 1992.

Winters, Ralph. Some Cutting Remarks, Scarecrow Press 2001.

Filmmakers and Viewers

Fans of film – Film community that everybody can enjoy

Filmmakers alliance– Nonprofit collective providing support and resources to independent filmmakers in Los Angeles. – Features articles and info on filmmakers, filmmaking, film festivals, film schools, indies, short and feature length films. – Provides reference and a community for new and independent filmmakers around the world.

FILMTHREAT – Online magazine containing news, reviews, a blog and links to other blogs.

The independent – Online magazine devoted to independent filmmakers. – Filmmaking community.

MySpace Filmmaker Group.

Writer’s Store – Sells books and software for filmmaking professionals and enthusiasts.

Getting a Job

The Film Connection – International career service that offers course and helps place aspiring filmmakers. Lots of links to other film sites.

Mandy’s Film and Production Directory – Find editing jobs worldwide as well as film sales, equipments, and vendors.

Media Job Market – Hollywood Reporter magazine’s site for job postings. Check the mag too.

Pacific Coast Studio Directory – A-Z monthly listings for all film services inside Hollywood and around the U.S. A veteran booklet and a poster (hung in many a post house) that has survived the digital age. Now available online at VISUALNET.

Workplace Hollywood…”a non-profit organization dedicated to training and placing a qualified and diverse workforce in the Entertainment Industry.”

Getting Your Movie Made

From the Heart Productions – Film grants, workshops, and consultations offered by Carole Dean, a successful filmmaker who thrives on helping low budget and independent filmmakers realize their movies.

Warshawski, Morrie. Shaking the Money Tree How to Get Grants and Donations for Film and Video: 2nd Edition. Studio City, CA: Michael Wiese Productions 2003. A no-fail approach written by a consummate fund raiser.

Guilds and Organizations

American Cinema Editors (A.C.E) – an honorary society that also runs a student internship program and has an education wing.

Asian Film Foundation (AFF) – LA based organization dedicated to maintaining a Web site of information and news articles, hosting screenings festivals to promote Asian filmmakers, and preserving Asian films.

APAPOP – This jam packed site exists in its own words “to build an engaged, involved, active, and excited audience for Asian American films.”

Cinewomen – A nuts and bolts organization located in LA and NY dedicated to helping its members progress in their profession.

International Documentary Association (IDA) – This non-profit organization supports the doc maker with seminars and a newsletter on funding, filmmaking processes and holds screenings, an awards ceremony, and events honoring docs and their makers. Membership is open to all and has a sliding scale.

Independent Feature Production (IFP) – A national organization currently in six cities that supports indies with seminars, knowledge, newsletter, and a place to network. It holds the annual Spirit Award in LA to honor independent work which has gained in prestige over the years.

Motion Picture and Videotape Editors Guild, IATSE Local 700 for the U.S – Site has topical news and articles.

National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians (NABET) – Locals in all major cities

Women in Film (WIF) -A world wide, non-profit organization of professional filmmakers which runs a mentoring program, funds scholarships and productions, holds seminars and award shows to recognize women’s accomplishments.

History and Theory

Chion, Michael. Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen, Columbia University Press 1994. Translated from French, a leading film scholar sounds off about the movie soundtrack.

Chandler, Gael. Film Editing: Great Cuts Every Filmmaker and Movie Lover Must Know, Studio City, CA: Michael Wiese Productions 2009.

The Cutting Edge: The Story of Cinema Editing – A 2004 documentary produced by A.C.E. and UCLA. Definitive movie on how films are edited and how editing and the role of the editor has evolved since the beginning of film, told by Academy Award winning editors and directors Spielberg, Lucas, Scorsese, Tarentino and other Hollywood luminaries.

O’Steen, Bobbie. The Invisible Cut: How Editors Make Movie Magic. Studio City, CA: Michael Wiese Productions 2009.

The Art of Foley – Learn about foley and its inventor.

Mast, Gerald. A Short History of the Movies (10thEdition), Essex, UK: Pearson Longman 2007.

Pearlman, Karen. Cutting Rhythms: Shaping the Film Edit, Boston, MA: Focal Press 2009 – Dr. Pearlman turned her dissertation into a book which provides a thoughtful analysis of editing and what goes on inside editors’ heads as they cut.

Rosenblum, Ralph and Robert Karen. When the Shooting Stops…the Cutting Begins, NY, NY: Da Capo Press 1979, reprinted 1989. This classic text shifts publishers and does not fade out.

Internet Web sites for Movies

Internet Movie Database – Commercial site that catalogs movies and filmmakers and contains a movie glossary. Use it to look up a potential employers for their film bio (often incomplete).

Movie Geeks United! – Go here for interviews with topical filmmakers and film journalists.


Music Editing


Film Music Magazine – Self billed as the “professional voice of music in film and television,” this site is chock full of articles on the current issues, players, and events in the world of film music.

Film Music Network – Looking for film music work? Go here.

Online Dictionaries and Glossaries – Compendium of cinema dictionaries.

Video Terms and Definitions for Beginners – Helpful digital & video glossary from an Australian post production house.

Desktop Video Terms Glossary – Useful dictionary for desktop video editing on your computer.

Video Help Glossary – Excellent dissection of digital video terms.

Guide book for guerilla filmmakers – On the set and need to know something quick? Look it up here. for instance, select “Crossing the Line” and you can click on eight different pairs of angles to get a quick, animated illustration of which angles cross the line and which don’t.

Grass Valley Dictionary – GVG’s glossary of video, digital, effect, and engineering terms.

Kodak Student Filmmaker Community – Link to Kodak’s online glossary and education content.

Glossary of Broadcast Terms.

Practice of Editing

Chandler, Gael. Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film or Video, Studio City, CA: Michael Wiese Productions 2004.

Dancyger, Ken. The Technique of Film and Video Editing, History, Theory, and Practice, Fourth Edition. Boston, MA: Focal Press 2007.

Dmytryk, Edward. On Film Editing, An Introduction to the Art of Film Construction. Boston, MA: Focal Press 1995. Re-issue of classic text.

Editor’s Lounge – A roving series of panels on current events in the editing world that take place periodically the Hollywood area and annually before and during NAB, hosted by Terrence Curren and his team at AlphaDogs Post in Burbank, CA.

Filmmaker Magazine – Timely articles and company resources on all areas of filmmaking by Independent Feature Project (IFP).

Moviemaker – Contemporary e-zine and print zine on the art of movie making focused on direction, acting, producing, distributing, writing, editing, and shooting.

Murch, Walter. In the Blink of An Eye, A Perspective on Film Editing, Second Edition, Los Angeles, CA: Silman-James Press 2001.

Film Making Central – A potpourri of podcasts, tutorials, info on products, and more. Founder Dave Basulto is dedicated to “helping fellow filmmakers, reviewing products and interviewing great people.” Sign up for FMC’s free newsletter. – Just what the name suggests: Offers forums and resources for students and subscriptions to their magazine.

Sound Editing – Top notch site about how to design, edit, and mix sound by the lions of the industry. Includes topical articles on sound clichés, history, and just plain sound advice. Includes links to books on the subject and an extensive list of sound libraries for downloading and obtaining on CD and offers free SFX.


LoBrutto, Vincent. Sound-On-Film, Interviews with Creators of Film Sound. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated 1995.

Sonnenschien, David. Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema. Studio City, CA: Michael Wiese Productions 2001. Practicalities and aesthetics of designing sound for your film.

Sound effects for free: Partners in Rhyme, Sound Effects, Audio Sparks.

Sound effects for purchase:,

Sound With Motion – Helpful digital audio and a few video links from audio practitioners.

The Art of Foley – Learn about the art of Foley and its inventor.

Viers, Ric. The Sound Effects Bible: How to Create and Record Hollywood Style, Studio City, CA: Michael Wiese Productions 2008.

Woody’s Sound Advice – Worthwhile advice from Woody Woodhull, sound recorder/designer/mixer, president of Allied Post Audio in Santa Monica, CA.

Students Cinema Resources – resources section of a website which explains all aspects of how films are made.

Training on Picture and Sound Digital Editing Tools

The Film Connection Film Institute – Nationwide.

Future Media Concepts – Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, &Washington DC. Authorized training on tons of products.

Moviola Digital LA and NY.

Online college – Covers a range of subjects from the technical to the historical about film and television.

Video Symphony – Hollywood, CA . Full scale, nationally accredited post production career school that attracts both beginners and professionals from around the world.

Rev Up Transmedia – Tips, blogs, info, and training on FCP. LA based but advertises trainings in Austin, Boise, and Raleigh.