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Readers on Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film
or Video 2nd Edition

Everything You Need To Know About Editing

Great movies require the creative talents of a variety of different people. From screenwriters, to actors, to cinematographers, to directors, there’s a lot that goes into creating a great film. But one person really brings all of it together to create a brilliant piece of visual storytelling: the editor. Even if you’re not making feature films, but short videos, how you edit your video will determine how the video is received and what it will ultimately look like to a viewer. I’ve shot and edited a few short videos myself, and the editing process was always difficult because I didn’t know exactly what to do to make the video look great.

Film editor Gael Chandler has written a thoroughly helpful book on the editing process called CUT BY CUT: EDITING YOUR FILM OR VIDEO. Chandler walks readers through the technical side of editing a film or video, explaining relevant terms that may be unfamiliar along the way. The book serves as an inside look into the making of a feature film as Chandler describes the process by which an editor receives footage and organizes that footage, then begins making decisions about how to make well-placed edits. There’s information on editing systems, visual effects, and one of my favorite areas of filmmaking, sound design.

CUT BY CUT is a thorough guide that will help anyone interested in filmmaking to produce better films. It gives great insights into the filmmaking process and champions the editor specifically.

I received this book for free for review from Michael Wiese Productions, and the opinions contained in this review are completely my own.

Tom Farr

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Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film or Video

Great book, one for the shelf

Gael Chandler’s “Cut by Cut” the 2nd Edition is a great, technical book on literally everything having to do with video and film editing. The term “technical” may put some readers off but I found this aspect of the book eye-opening. Chandler leads you through all the terms and schedules used in the film industry, and also includes how editing underscores and enhances filmmaking. This book is a worthwhile read; the text is interspersed with bits of philosophy from editors and mixers that have won awards and worked in the film industry.

This will be the consummate reference book for many years. That is saying something for a profession and industry that seem to change at an accelerating pace. This is a long book, but would be useful to anyone who wants or needs an in depth understanding of film editing.

Dave Watson