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Professionals on Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film
or Video 2nd Edition

With the revised edition of Cut by Cut, Gael Chandler has written a book which will become a bible to all those interested in film and video editing. It leaves nothing out and is totally comprehensive on one hand, and easy to understand on the other. Cut by Cut 2 is the modern equivalent of Karel Reisz without pretension, and should be purchased by anyone who needs up to date information. There was no book I could rely on in my days as a film editor. Cut by Cut 2 would have squared that away.

Jim Clark, winner of the Academy Award for editing The Killing Fields, nominee for The Mission, and author of Dream Repairman: Adventures in Film Editing

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Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film or Video

Gael Chandler has written a masterful, concise, and illuminating book on the “invisible” art of film editing. With humor and precision, this invaluable book is written with great technical and aesthetic understanding and practical insights for the layman and professional filmmaker alike. Cut by Cut 2 covers all aspects of film editing, right up to the latest digital breakthroughs, and Gael manages to make it all immensely readable and entertaining…the mark of a great film editor! A must for every student and lover of film.

Joan Sobel, A.C.E., A Single Man and Being Flynn

I wish that Cut by Cut had existed when I first began my career as an editor. It is an invaluable resource, filled with concise step-by-step explanations that do a fantastic job of demystifying the editing process. I particularly appreciate the way that author Gael Chandler compares and contrasts the techniques of cutting film, tape, and non-linear material; a boon to anyone wishing to learn different formats or to just better understand the historical antecedents of today’s computer editing systems. While I especially recommend Cut By Cut for aspiring editors, it deserves a place on the bookshelf of working editors as well, where it is sure to become a trusted resource.

Rob Goubeaux, A.C.E., Supervising editor / Producer, Beyond Scared Straight

As filmmaking speeds forward and dominates the visual landscape of our lives, Gael Chandler’s Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film or Video, 2nd Edition reminds today’s editor to stop and think. What most impresses me about this invaluable text is the way the author embraces new technology and wrestles it down to the very basic concept of storytelling. From chapters informing the editor when and when not to cut, to helpful approaches for distilling massive amounts of footage, this book demystifies the editing process while encouraging each editor to find his or her own unique and individual method. With insightful comments from today’s top editors, Cut by Cut is both an important primer for aspiring editors looking to improve their craft and an articulate resource to keep editors at the top of their game.

Michael Ruscio, A.C.E., Director and Editor, “True Blood,” HBO

Editors are a unique breed of artist. They work in an industry that requires them to be introspective about a project, like a philosopher, yet technologically focused like an IT worker and while balancing these two diametrically opposed requirements, execute an edit with the skill of a fine craftsmen. This world, with its long days of solitude and mounds of footage has been captured and crystallized by Gael Chandler in her updated book Cut By Cut, 2nd Ed. Those interested in film editing or wanting to expand their knowledge to advance beyond the button pusher role should read this book, which illustrates the foundation of editing. Gael balances the importance of both advanced technique along with a strong grasp of the day-to-day cutting room activities.

Gordon Burkell, Founder, Art of the Guillotine

The second edition of Gael Chandler’s book is a quantum leap forward. Cut by Cut 2 is the most comprehensive and understandable text available for both students and professionals on the art and craft of editing in the 21st century. It should be the required text for every class on editing.

Jack Tucker, A.C.E. Editor and Teacher, CSULB, CSUN and UCLA. First winner of the Robert Wise Award for promoting the Art and Craft of Film Editing.

Gael Chandler’s Cut by Cut is a practical masterpiece. As both a media educator and maker, I can readily assert that few books old or new do as thorough a job of informing the aspiring media editor with both the back story and hands-on nuts and bolts of editing as this book. Written by a polished professional who made the transition from cutting film to pioneering the use of digital technologies, Cut by Cut contains the road map from a good idea to a competent film, with all the necessary nuances of editing contained between its covers. Chandler’s second edition also contains the many technology changes that have shaped the editing industry since Cut by Cut was originally published. Her most obvious expertise is in taking generations of technique and technology and making it relevant to even the newest comer to the industry. By thoroughly detailing the editing process, both historically and technically, Cut by Cut 2nd Edition empowers new filmmakers with the skills and knowledge they need to realize their visual dreams.

Ken Roth, Award winning documentary producer and Professor, Digital Media Arts California State University, Dominguez Hills

Cut by Cut 2nd Edition is an excellent and comprehensive introduction and exploration of the craft and art of film and digital editing. Gael Chandler demystifies editing technology and reveals the creative work flows and story-telling secrets of professional editors. I highly recommended the book for aspiring editors, assistants, and anyone who is interested in how motion pictures are made.

Mark Goldblatt, A.C.E., Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Terminator 1 and 2, Starship Troopers, and Armageddon

Gael Chandler’s incisive Cut By Cut 2 breaks down and clarifies both the contemporary and timeless essentials of cinematic editing. This encyclopedic gem deftly defines complicated terminology, so that the art and science of cutting is readily accessible to a wide range of practitioners and students alike. It is mandatory reading for anyone interested in fully grasping the technical and aesthetic foundations of storytelling in moving pictures and sound.


Paris Poirier, Associate Professor of Film Studies & Entertainment Technology, Santa Monica College

Cut By Cut is an essential guide for aspiring and professional editors and should be required reading for anyone who really wants to direct Ms. Chandler gives us a bird’s eye view of what it takes to create our invisible art while proving that we are not invisible artists. This truly amazing book has the info that new filmmakers need to embark on their projects.


Briana London, A.C.E.,Two-time Emmy nominee, A.C.E. Eddie winner, and four time Eddie nominee,Army Wives, Necessary Roughness, Greys Anatomy, Third Rock From the Sun, Huff, Crossing Jordan, Northern Exposure, and more

Cut by Cut 2 demystifies the art of film editing. Gael Chandler breaks down the editorial process both technically and creatively. She lets the reader experience the choices and decisions editors confront on a daily basis. You are taken into the heart and mind of the editor wherever or whatever they’re cutting: on a feature, TV, You Tube or off of an iPhone.


Bruce Cannon, Film editor, ‘Boyz n the Hood’, ‘Higher Learning, Baby Boy, 2 fast 2 furious, Four Brothers, Abduction

Cut by Cut 2nd Edition provides a wealth of valuable information for novices and industry professional alike. Gael’s extensive post production knowledge and editing experience are evident throughout the text and a solid foundation for the book. Detailed, practical information is clearly and simply presented making this a valuable reference for anyone interested in post production and editing.


Jill Mittan, Operations Manager, Warner Brothers Advanced Media Services

Gael Chandler, noted picture editor and author, has completely reworked her seminal book Cut by Cut, updating it from the ground up to reflect the ever changing technical landscape of the filmmaking process. A must read manual for aspiring editors and those seeking a deeper understanding of the editing experience, Cut by Cut 2 details the edit process from the preparatory organization to the final output. Filled with definitions, meaningful quotations and a thorough workflow method, this book is the go-to reference to getting and staying on track during the edit. Editors of any skill level will expand their understanding and enrich their technique by using the concepts outlined in this book. All serious editors will want this guide to always be within arm’s reach.

Woody Woodhall, CAS, President, Allied Post, Founder, The Los Angeles Post Production Group, Author, Audio Production and Postproduction

Gael’s informative book illustrates how the editor’s job and tools are rapidly changing. Now a fellow artistic filmmaker, the Editor, partnered with the Director and the Cinematographer,
form a trio that defines the film from Pre-Production through Post. The Story. The Look. The Pace. The Magic.

Kelley Dixon, editor, Breaking Bad