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Halloween Contest

October 26th, 2011


Photo courtesy of director-editor Vickie Rose Sampson

Make up your own caption.

Here’s a few to get you started.

You know you’ve been dubbing too long when….

Great! Now let’s try it one more time.

Needs more cowbell.

No, more cobwebs.

He had so much potentiometer.

ADR and alcohol just don’t mix.

They really were running a skeleton crew.

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Inglourious Editor Course Postponed and Why

October 20th, 2011

My publisher, Michael Wiese Productions, launched an online film school MW Film School Logo in September. It was a deal at $50/2.5 hour course. Due to a poor marketing partner there were insufficient sign-ups and most courses, including mine, were cancelled. I worked hard on “Inglourious Editors: The State of Editors and Editing Today” and was really looking forward to delivering it on 10/13 and to starting a dialogue with you all on its thought provoking topics e.g. traditional, Hollywood style editing vs. modern MTV style editing. I did hear from a couple of you who tried to sign up for the course late – when it was already cancelled – and found the links defunct. My apologies to you and others who may have tried to sign up; I should have blogged earlier about the cancellation. (See below for my excuse.)

Good news: My publisher plans to re-launch the school next year and assures me that my course will go. So I will let you know when this happens.

Cut by Cut 2nd edition coverI have been up to my eyeballs with the galleys of Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film or Video Second Edition. My challenge? To go through 472 pages (this edition gained almost 100 pages) in 12 days, looking for layout and typographical mistakes. This proofing was a lot like re-editing a show where you go through a cut to make trims, extensions, find better cutaways and audio, and generally tell the story more leanly and clearly. Most of what I found was places where I wanted to rearrange or delete sentences (or parts of them) and massage words. I hadn’t seen the book since July 1 when I turned it in. Now I got to see what the astute copy editor and talented layout artist created. I viewed photos, illustrations, appendices, charts, and text all put together and tried to see the whole as well as the words. This third child is looking robust and strong, I’m happy to report. I‘m ready for you to see it as soon as possible, which will be spring or summer 2012 according to the publisher.

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History of Editing – A Start

October 13th, 2011

Editing Facts Graphic
To the left is a first pass at a one page, job aid on the history of editing. It comes by way of Gordon Burkell who runs the informative, solidly recommended Art of the Guillotine website.  Burkell desgined this “infographic” as he dubs it, with Nina from Nina’s EDL in Toronto, the home base of the website.

I think it’s a good start but to my Hollywood American mind, it’s missing more periods and movies. For instance, the Modern, MTV style of cutting which germinated in the years before 1981 and the birth of MTV, is barely touched on.

Also, where is the technology? From silver screen to television tube to computer screen and from scissors to Moviola to flatbed to video editing, to digital editing: Technological developments have played a huge role in the evolution of editing.

A good history of editing has yet to be written. Two sources I can think of off the top of my head for editing history are Wendy Apple’s excellent documentary The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Cinema Editing and Gerald Mast’s A Short History of the Movies, ninth edition.

But kudos to Gordon and Nina for getting the reel winding!

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Animation isn’t Kids’ Work

October 6th, 2011

Here’s a wonderful seaside stop-motion video made using three smartphones to make the overhead shots.

The behind-the-scenes story includes some words from the editor and illuminates the extensive pre-planning and choreographing of effort of the producers and crew who worked non-stop through the night to create this short.

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Turkish Delight – A Cliché I know, and less Resistible than the Candy

October 3rd, 2011

Film Editing: Great Cuts Every Filmmaker and Movie Lover Must Know How you say Film Editing 101: Great Cuts Every Filmmaker and Movie Lover Must Know in Turkish? We’ll all find out when the book comes out in Turkish in 2012. This is the book’s fourth translation and follows Italian, Korean, and Chinese. I have to say, though I’ve not gotten one translated copy in my hot little hands – that it’s a thrill to know my little creation is getting out there and spawning siblings in other countries and continents.

How to say editor in Turkish? That’s easy. Refer to my February 15 blog this year, archived under Fun and Games.