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Kindle, iPad – What next?

April 20th, 2010

Every book’s a journey. During the writing it takes you places you’d never imagined. Then, once it’s published – it’s afterlife in a way (writer’s perspective) – the book takes on a life of its own, venturing to places and taking you along with it that you never foreseen and in this case, didn’t exist.

So yes, it’s promo time. Just received this from my editor – my publisher’s editor that is, the ever-multi-tasking, all-knowing Ken Lee:

Dear Gael,

It’s a new digital world out there and the “rules” are changing every minute. (Duh!)

Here’s the news:

1) Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film or Video is available on Amazon Kindle (Congrats!)

2) Now, because “There’s an App for That” it’s also available on Apple iPad.

3) For now, your book’s not on the iPad Library. BUT it can be purchased and then VIEWED on an iPad by clicking on:
Kindle for iPad

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