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DSLR Part 2: Let’s see it

Now that we’ve got our heads around DSLR a bit, it’s time to learn more about the features of these new dual still and video cameras. And actually view some videos shot on DSLRs.

Here’s a summary of features gleaned from attending LAPPG’s* monthly meeting last week.

DLSR cameras – Video features

  • Sharpness and ability to adjust to low light conditions of film cameras.
  • Adjust well to low light due to large size of images.
  • Good with motion though needs some correction.
  • Shallow DOF (depth of field) as opposed to video camera which has deep DOF.
  • Close to film style shooting so DPs like.
  • Workflow simple except for longer transfer time.

A few specs

  • Shoots 720p, 1080p, 24p etc.
  • Makes super 16/35mm frames and reg 16/35mm frames
  • 2K and 4K possible, depending on model.
  • Four basic color settings:
    1. Saturation
    2. Sharpness
    3. Color tone
    4. Contrast

Day footage

And now for some gorgeous DSLR shots in a video which shows off its outdoor capabilities and includes DLSR audio filmed by a veteran videographer who gives on shooting engaging rock climbing footage.

Night footage

Beijing captured with available light and background sound shot by news shooter Dan Chung:


DP Shane Hurlbut’s video about the final moments of a man’s life showcases DLSR and was sponsored by Canon.

Hurlbut used 24p for the office shots at the start of this short film and 30p converted to 24p for its flashback sequences. Read more details on Hurlbut’s blog.

* Los Angeles Post Production Group monthly meetings are topical and well worth the $5 donation. Plus there’s a raffle of editing software, T-shirts, etc., home baked brownies, and a chance to schmooze with 50 other editors. www.lappg.com

Editing practices, Technical & process

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